Join The WFPB 5 Day Raw Food Reset Challenge

If you are feeling sluggish, bloated, lacking energy, and feeling like you’ve let too many bad foods creep back into your diet, joining this challenge may be just what you need! Even though eating cooked foods that are Whole Food Plant Based are great for your health and body, there is just something about the nutrition in eating raw foods that help you refocus and feel amazing.

I recently felt like I had let too many evening snacks find their way back into my routine.  I started feeling tired and like I was just eating way too much food.  This is when I decided to go raw with a reset (reboot, detox, cleanse, whatever you want to call it) and sat down and planned out what I would eat for 5 days.  Of course I picked the coldest week in a long time, where we also received 2 feet of snow and the kids had 3 snow days.  I admit, it was tough, because I wanted warm food.  But a cup of hot water, helped warm me up.  I’m very happy I did this reset.  I not only lost 5 pounds (and kept 4 of them off), but I got back into the healthy habits I had let go over the last few months.  I feel more vibrant and alert and I’m back to craving simple foods.

What To Expect During a Raw Reset?

It is possible to experience a couple of days of a brain fog if you aren’t used to eating primarily raw foods.  I do eat Overnight Oats and Salads a lot, but even I experienced a fog for 2 days.  By day 3 I felt awake, energized and ready for the day.  I no longer felt hungry and cravings for other foods were gone.

One great side effect to a raw detox or cleanse is that you will most likely experience weight loss. Excess toxins in the body are stored in fat cells. This is our bodies way of trying to protect us from the negative impacts these toxins create in our bodies. When we exercise and burn off fat cells, these toxins are released back into our bloodstream again. However, if we do not have an effective way of removing these toxins, our body will simply create new fat cells to again house these harmful substances. This is a common source of frustration for people trying to lose weight, as they put forth a huge effort in energy and willpower to complete an exercise routine, only to find no real effect on their weight.

If we take the time to properly remove the toxins out of our body through detox, we find that our body no longer needs these excess fat cells and will readily let them go, making our weight loss efforts far more effective!

What is Raw Food?

Simply put, it’s alive! Raw food is food that is in it’s natural, whole, unprocessed, unrefined and unaltered living state. It is whole food from nature eaten in its natural state: raw (as in uncooked), vegan, dairy/wheat/sugar free. It cannot come above 110 Deg F, which is the temperature that cells die in humans and foods and you lose the majority of nutritional benefits.

Raw eating includes home grown sprouted beans, soaked grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, & dehydrated foods! When you bite into a raw fruit or vegetable you are experiencing the full potential of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in one compact package. There is no nutritional loss caused by the heat of cooking nor loss of water soluble vitamins and minerals. If you are using organic produce, it is mostly free of chemicals, color dyes or preservatives.


What Other Benefits Are their to Eating Raw?

  • Increased Energy
  • Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Digestion
  • Improved Immunity
  • Decreased Cravings
  • Organ Cleansing
  • Clear Skin
  • Balanced Mood
  • Better Sleep

The WFPB 5 Day Raw Food Reset is your ticket to the vitality you crave. 

For 5 Days you’ll focus on eating raw foods. This plan includes 5 Days of different Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner recipes as well as a few BONUS recipes, for a total of 17 delicious raw recipes!  Also included is a grocery list and Food Journal for you to keep track of how you feel as well as weight lost during the challenge!


The WFPB 5 Day Raw Reset

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