This week I’m going to try something that’s become pretty popular on Instagram and other Social Media.  Celery Juice.  It’s become popular because of Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium.

I have to admit, I haven’t read his books, but I do plan to.  So, at least for me, at the time of this writing, the jury is still out on if I find him and his research credible.  BUT, what he lists as the benefits of celery juice on it’s own sounds pretty incredible.  Watching YouTube videos also seems like many have actually experienced some of these benefits.  So, why not?

Today is the first day of a 5 day Celery Juice Challenge I’m taking and invited my Facebook Followers to join me in using #CeleryJuiceChallenge!  You can find me on facebook at: Plant Based Melissa

What are some of the potential benefits to drinking celery juice?

  • Lowers Inflammation within the body
  • Supports weight loss by detoxifying the liver
  • Aids in digestion by restoring hydrochloric acid
  • Reduces Bloating
  • Helps Eczema & Psoriasis
  • Fights infection
  • Prevents UTI’s
  • Heals Acne
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Helps Prevents Ulcers
  • Lowers Glucose Levels
  • Protects Liver Health

How to make celery juice and when to drink it.

Now normally I do not juice.  Juicing strips away the fiber and can cause spikes from fructose from fruit going quickly into your system.  This juice is a little different.  It’s meant to be striped of the fiber so the cluster salts and nutrients enter your body quickly and at higher amounts (how long would it take you to eat a bunch of celery?)!  This isn’t a meal.  So, you should still eat breakfast.  But this should come first on an empty stomach and you should wait 15-30 minutes after drinking your celery juice before eating or drinking anything else.

Organic is best, but if you can’t afford it, regular celery is fine, just rinse your celery well.  You want to try to drink 16 ounces first thing in the morning.  But if it’s tough for you, you can start with 8 ounces.  1 bunch of celery makes about 16 ounces!  So yeah, you’ll be juicing one bunch a day for yourself.  If you want to know what juicer I use, it’s this one right here:

Feel free to join me anytime in trying celery juice for 5 days or more to see if you feel any benefits. And I’d love to hear your story about how you felt drinking celery juice, so please leave a comment below!