Those of you who follow me on my Facebook Fan Page, know I LOVE my salads.  I make them large and full of delicious plants.  My salads typically have anywhere from 10-20 different vegetables and beans in them, packing them with low calorie, high nutrient, awesome flavorful food.  And I eat LARGE salads, most weighing well over a pound.

Everytime I share a picture of my salads I do get asked the same 2 questions!

  1. What’s the recipe?
  2. What’s the dressing?

The first is a tough one for me to answer.  It’s not a recipe.  I grabbed the fresh and frozen vegetables I have on hand, chop them up and toss them together.  There really isn’t a recipe, and I can’t really say I use 1 cup this, 1 cup that.  I just pile things together!

The second question is easier to answer.  I don’t use the many recipes out there for WFPB dressings.  I tend to keep things simple.  99% of the time the dressing on my salads is 2-3 tablespoons of my potato carrot cheese sauce and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  Some days I may drizzle hot sauce instead or the oil free Korean BBQ sauce from Whole Foods.  If I’m eating out and don’t bring my potato/carrot cheese and they don’t have balsamic vinegar I may use a packet of soy sauce in a pinch.  I enjoy my salads this way, so I stick with it.  Nope, I don’t get bored with it. 

Recently I felt like I had let heavier meals back into my day as well as pretzels, my weakness, so I had decided to do a 5 day reset of salads for lunch and dinner.  I thought it would be fun to share that on my social media and let others join me.  So, today starts a 5 Day Salad Challenge. 

If you want to join and you see it’s already taken place, try your own ANYTIME. 

I made the following video this morning showing exactly how I make my salads to help those visualize how I make my salads, since I don’t have a “recipe” for them.  Feel free to watch the video below and join in and do your own 5 Day Salad Challenge!